2017 May 29 ~ June 4【泰國 素叻他尼 Surat Thani Thailand 🌊⛵️✈️👭】Ratchaprapa Dam, Koh Samui, Khao Sok National Park

My first trip to Surat Thani Thailand!

Ratchaprapa Dam is located in South Thailand and I highly recommend it as a destination if you are nature-loving traveller and considering traveling in Thailand.
We had wonderful two night stay at Keree Warin Resort which was a raft house accommodation on the lake. This lake is big, as I think it took around 30 minutes of travel by long tail boat to reach our resort.
We spent our time enjoying the breath-takingly beautiful views, swimming and canoeing around the vicinity of the raft house.It's really a great place to relax and have some quiet time in beautiful surrounding.

CocosBuilder:Drag and Drop Scene Builder For Cocos2D

使用視覺化的工具來設計手機應用程式會比使用原生的SDK來開發應用程式還要方便許多,像Google就在去年夏季推出了App Inventor for Android,可以幫助不會寫程式的使用者以視覺化的方式設計自己的Android應用程式。而日前又發現的這個針對iOS和Mac平台上的2D遊戲開發引擎Cocos2D所推出的圖形化設計工具CocosBuilder,可以幫助遊戲開發人員在不需要撰寫任何程式碼的情況下,快速開發出手機上的遊戲,並且這個工具目前是免費的!

CocosBuilder is a free graphical editor for building scene graphs in Cocos2D (iPhone & Mac). With CocosBuilder you can visually layout your objects and load them with a single line of code.

Check out the CocosBuilder webpage for download.


[轉載] 洛克菲勒寫給兒子的38封信(全文)

2012 アルプスの夏:飛騨・北阿爾卑斯山脈南部の焼岳/槍・穂高連峰/表銀座単独縦走記錄。Day1、Day2 台北~富山~高山~上高地~小梨平露營場~焼岳北峰

September, 2012 白姑大山二天一夜~其實沒那麼累,只是路途遙遠


2018 May 5~6【宜蘭】南方澳漁港~豆腐岬~朝陽國家步道~南澳觀音海岸~礁溪福哥石窯雞






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