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【美國加州 Yosemite National Park】優勝美地國家公園健行之一.迷人的秋日美景。飽覽山谷與Vernal Falls、Nevada Falls兩大瀑布

「一生必去」這4個字的最高等級用語,絕對可以用來形容美國加州的「優勝美地國家公園」(Yosemite National Park),相信沒有人會反對。因為它在世界上的地位,彷彿就是「大自然的大教堂」。
優勝美地國家公園(Yosemite National Park),是美國國家公園內極為閃耀的一顆明珠,地處加州東北部,內華達山脈的西麓,曾是印第安原住民阿瓦尼奇人(Ahwahneechee)的故鄉。公園的範圍橫跨加州中西部圖奧勒米縣(Tuolumne)、馬里波薩縣(Mariposa)和馬德拉縣(Madera)。優勝美地國家公園於於1984年被納入聯合國教科文組織(UNESCO)世界遺產,每年吸引4百萬來自世界各地的遊客前來觀光。
優勝美地國家公園內,有超過95%的土地被指定為原生地域(wilderness),為了要保護公園的原貌,美國總統林肯於1864年6月30日,將優勝美地谷蝴蝶林(Mariposa)內的美洲衫巨木林,設為美國的第一座州立公園。並且在「國家公園之父」約翰•繆爾(John Muir,1838~1914)這位作家、科學家、保育先知的倡議之下,於1890年成為第二座國家公園。它幾乎是全美甚至全球最受歡迎的國家公園。
公園內除了有四面絕壁的優勝美地山谷,還有充滿高山美景的圖奧勒米牧場,自然風光令人歎為觀止。而它的美和大遠遠超過一般人所暸解,公園的佔地面積超過1,169平方英哩/284,899 公頃,而其中最多遊客造訪的的優勝美地谷(Yosemite Valley),只佔了整個公園不到1%的面積。優勝美地國家公園主要有四大景區,呈F型分佈,分別是優勝美地谷(Yosemite Valley)、山頂的冰川點(Gracier Point)、北側的第奧嘉(Tioga Pass)以及南端的瓦沃納(Wawona)景區。這次的優勝美地之旅,只有北側的第奧嘉景區沒有造訪,那裡就留待下次不同季節再去造訪吧!

優勝美地山谷在上一次冰河時期被冰川覆蓋,山谷呈U字型,兩旁峭壁上到處可見由冰川切削過的痕跡,其中最有名的就是半圓頂(Half Dome),這顆巨岩是冰河時期所形成的,峰頂海拔2,693公尺,歷時8,700萬年,在地質與歷史上他就是個不折不扣的巨人。只要你在優勝美地國家公園內,走到比較高的地點,幾乎從任何地方,都可以看到它的身影,據說 North Face 品牌 logo 的…

FbGraph + OmniAuth + Facebook Graph API on Rails application

OAuth is often described as a 'valet key for the web'. In the same way as a valet key gives restricted access to a car, allowing the valet to drive it but not open the trunk or glovebox, OAuth allows a client application restricted access to your data at a resource server via tokens issued by an authorization server in response to your access grant.

Facebook Platform uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization. Suppose your Rails application allows users to share content with their Facebook friends. To support this, a connection needs to be established between a user's local account and her Facebook account. Once established, a Facebook instance can be obtained and used to post content to the user's wall. The basic idea is to store the access_token during an OAuth2 login process and later on use the token to fetch more data.

The last days I was working on letting user sign-up/sign-in using Facebook account. I'm planning to integrate some social…

Connect to the Foursquare API via OAuth in your Rails application

OAuth is an open authentication protocol that allows secure API communication without the necessity of continually passing a username and password with each request. The idea for OAuth was conceived in 2006 by a group of individuals working on the Twitter implementation of OpenID. 
After reviewing both OpenID and other existing industry practices, such as Amazon Web Services API and Flickr API, it was decided that a proposal should be written for a new open protocol for application authentication.
OAuth has been widely adopted among major web services. Twitter, not only implementing OAuth as its primary API authentication method, but using it as the basis for its “Sign in with Twitter” service. Today, you’ll also find the protocol used by Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and many others.
Foursquare is a new and rapidly growing social utility whose potential for mash-ups with other applications is limited only by one’s own imagination. The Foursquare platform implements the OAuth 2.0 st…

Running PHP application on Heroku (Mac OS X)

Heroku is a very popular PaaS (Platform as a Service) cloud hosting service which allows you to deploy various applications, especially Ruby on Rails application. Heroku doesn't charge anything to sign up and has a free service upto 5 MB usage of PostgreSQL database, that's enough to used for your development environment. Heroku is majorly to Deploy Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Java, Clojure and Django apps, but you can also run any type of app (like PHP).
The PHP support was launched in partnership with Facebook, to attract Facebook application  developers to Heroku's cloud platform (Heroku support PHP). In this post, you will learn how to deploy PHP project on Heroku. I assume that you already signed up with Heroku and configured your SSH keys with Heroku servers. If you haven't done it already, follow these instructions.
You can try it out for yourself by just creating a new project folder with an index.php file in it, then creating a Heroku project. When you push to Herok…




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