2017 May 29 ~ June 4【泰國 素叻他尼 Surat Thani Thailand 🌊⛵️✈️👭】Ratchaprapa Dam, Koh Samui, Khao Sok National Park

My first trip to Surat Thani Thailand!

Ratchaprapa Dam is located in South Thailand and I highly recommend it as a destination if you are nature-loving traveller and considering traveling in Thailand.
We had wonderful two night stay at Keree Warin Resort which was a raft house accommodation on the lake. This lake is big, as I think it took around 30 minutes of travel by long tail boat to reach our resort.
We spent our time enjoying the breath-takingly beautiful views, swimming and canoeing around the vicinity of the raft house.It's really a great place to relax and have some quiet time in beautiful surrounding.

Learning Cocos2d for iOS Game Programming

The Cocos2D for iPhone game engine is the premier 2D game engine for iPhone game developers. Here’s a fairly comprehensive list of sites to browse through before/while undertaking a Cocos2D iPhone game project:
Cocos2d iPhone API Reference:
Great tutorials and lists:
Touch Event Handler:
Overview of Cocos2d (a little old but still good):
Moving a Sprite:
Coloring Sprites:
Objective-C Memory Management:
Great Beginner Forum Post:
iPhone Custom Made Sound Manager:
How to fix iPhone Signing Errors:
Game Examples:
Sound Effect Libraries:
Objective-C Docs:
Box2d: extending b2ContactFilter and b2ContactListener:
Box2d Reference and Tutorial (C++):
Cocos2d iPhone Google Code Page:
Using Chipmink ONLY for collision detection:
Chipmunk 5.0 New Collision Detection Function:
Using CCCallFunc with parameters:
Overview of Cocos2d (a little old but still good):
Objective-C Memory Management:


[轉載] 洛克菲勒寫給兒子的38封信(全文)

2012 アルプスの夏:飛騨・北阿爾卑斯山脈南部の焼岳/槍・穂高連峰/表銀座単独縦走記錄。Day1、Day2 台北~富山~高山~上高地~小梨平露營場~焼岳北峰


2018 May 5~6【宜蘭】南方澳漁港~豆腐岬~朝陽國家步道~南澳觀音海岸~礁溪福哥石窯雞

September, 2012 白姑大山二天一夜~其實沒那麼累,只是路途遙遠

2017, Oct 29【桃園大溪】週末輕鬆走~打鐵寮古道&白石山





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